Nor 100% blues, neither totally rock or definitely folk… but a little bit of all that. This is how we can try to label JaCOB’s music.

JaCoB evolves between clear and swampy waters, sometimes in the telluric dephts of a Leonard Cohen folk, sometimes in peaky power of a Tom Waits under amphetamins. The whole thing shaded of strong rock and muffled blues. The gap is permanent and edgy.

To work on this brand new album, Jaypee has gathered 4 musicians fellows and so become JaCOB (for Jaypee & the Cannibal Orgasmic Band).


Jaypee-Jaypar: Guitars / Vocals Marie Caparros: Cellos Fred Brousse: Guitars / Harmonicas Jean Joly: Bass / Double Bass Rémi Dulaurier: Drums