JAYPEE-JAYPAR is the story of a Pictavian guy exiled in Lyon’s lands.

It’s the story of a son of Metal who, when he left his area, decided to swap his loud Gibsons for the sweet natural sound of acoustic guitars.

Then he started a work of questionning, a new way to approach music, resulting the release of 2 DIY albums in 2015 and 2016. The identity of the artist guets refinded by the years to come to an acoustic blues rock folk, with deep and rough vocals somewhere between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. From opened stages to home shows, he built his style at the same rythm than his will to live completly by his music. So outcomes the recording of “Meet me again” at the end of the year 2018.

That’s for shure: that guy plays blues, but not only. He doesn’t confines to the 12 bars of the Mississipy Delta, and doesn’t waver to taint his compositions with influences as varied as his own musical tastes : there’s sometimes the Metal and Rock energy obviously dued to his history, but as well wistful folk touches with a new wind blowing the standards.His texts relate his mood, without any pretention. He sings joy, pain, love hate, death… simply life.

If listening to JAYPEE-JAYPAR suddently give you the need to roll for hours in a Shelby 69 Mustang, on a straight road surounded by Canyons, then he would tell you that he won his bet.